My mum always told me never to call another woman a ‘slut’ because in doing so I was permitting men to call me a ‘slut’.

I touch myself

Not only is masturbation one of the most natural acts a woman can treat herself to, but it is an expression of love and self care. You can discover so much about yourself, and what you like through masturbation.

Dear Man,

Quite often people do things that irritate me or I am faced with situations where I feel uncomfortable.
I’ve always had this strong compulsion to be wholly honest, but of course I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Quantifying Sex

Can you quantify sex? What makes sex with a man good? Is it the size of his penis, or maybe even the shape? I’ve been curious about these questions for quite sometime and like a weirdo, I decided to create an Excel spreadsheet.

My worry rainbow 🌈

Recently I’ve been seeing a psychologist regularly, reading a lot and writing down everything as a way of processing.
The therapy has dug up a load of past trauma and also new trauma. So here’s how I’m beginning the process of getting through it all.